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5 Tips To Making It Happen This Year!

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5 Tips To Making It Happen This Year!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Team MAA!

The start of the year is a crucial time…

It’s a unique window of opportunity to take the right actions that will set you up for the rest of the year.

In this window of opportunity, you have two choices.  To settle or to take action.

For most people, they will let another year slip by.

It will be a different year with the same excuses.  They’re going to continue settling, continue going through the same bad habits they know they need to change, continue to get stepped on by the same people, avoid the challenges they know are holding them back.

They’ll start off their 2019 with good intentions… but they’ll only end up letting another year slip by and be filled with regret because they didn’t take action.

But not you!

You’re different from the rest.

You’re not someone who will let another year pass by.

And you know that right now is the best time to leverage your motivation.

So while your goals are still fresh in your mind and while you’re still motivated...   (If you haven't set some - do it now)

If you’re ready to make 2019 your best year ever...   I am here to help you make it a reality!


Here are 5 tips for you to make it happen this year!

1)  Have specific goals:

At what graduations you will earn each belt?  What weight do you want to be before what date?  When do you want to have your flexibility splits by?  Set intermediate goals to get you to your final goal and stick to them.

2) Block out your training time:

The things I have been most successful with in my life have been those things that I have set my training or prep time for and stuck to it.  When you try to just wing it and train whenever it is convenient, it gets put off for everything and everyone else and never done or done enough.

3) Take advantage of extra opportunities and time:

When you have extra time, do some extra reading, training, relationship tasks towards your goal, but do it as EXTRA not as a REPLACEMENT to your Core Schedule.  This makes sure you stay on track or ahead.

4) Get help:

Have a coach and/or training partner.  Coaches are more experienced and committed, especially if that is their job/passion.  Know going in that you may need or go through several training partners as they give in to the same pitfalls you are facing even if you overcome them.  Whatever you do - do not slow down and wait for them!  Leading by example is the only way to truly inspire them and not sabotage your own progress.   My secret is that I always put myself in with people that were better and further ahead than me and busted my behind to keep up and not slow them down.

5) Don't make or accept any excuses from yourself:

You will be tempted to make excuses for not being able to keep our schedule.  Too tired, not feeling well, have to run this errand or that...   Know that your chances of success drop dramatically which each time you accept an excuse from yourself.  Instead - look at each challenge as an opponent trying to keep you from your goal and find a way to get around, under, over or through it to stay on your path.  Just like in a video game.  Keep moving forward - no matter what.

Everyone of my regrets or failures were preceded by some challenge I accepted as an excuse.  

6) Bonus Tip - This will save you from one of the biggest challenges of all

Failure because of success!  Know that as you progress to your goals - you will start feeling the success and will even see gains, lost weight, make more money, win some events, etc.  For those new to success - this may make you feel good enough to stop your progress and be satisfied or just celebrate too early and end up undermining the whole process only to have to start all over again when you slide back to where you were.  This is why your goals have to be specific enough that ALMOST is just not good enough.   


The beauty of this process is that when you reach your goal, you will find that the consistency you maintained actually created a new lifestyle that will not only allow you to maintain what you achieved, but also continue to improve and grow with what seems like no real effort - because it have become habit and lifestyle.

Don’t hesitate.

At the end of this year you will regret the things that you didn't do more than the ones you did do.

Right now is the time to decide what type of 2019 you want to have.


Thank you for being part of our MAA Family!  We do what we do because of and for you!  


Roberto Hanshi Serrano


PS - Most people will wait until the “perfect moment” to take action… but those people wait forever and live the same way their entire lives.

There is never a true “perfect moment”. The only moment we have to take action is now.


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