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A lot of people in our classes want to get more toned. So I thought I'd share some advice on the subject.

Think about it like this...

Your body naturally has a good bit of muscle on it.

When you reduce your body fat, your skin is pulled more tightly over the muscle, and you see the shape of the muscle through the skin.

This is called being "toned" or "defined".

You can work out day and night if you want to.

But the truth is... If you don't eat right - your body fat percentage will never get low enough for you to look toned.

So here are some guidelines you can follow that many fitness experts swear by to get lean and defined:

- Limit carbs. Instead, eat more protein and healthy fat.

- No sugar! That means ice cream, cookies, etc.

- No white rice or white flour. These basically have the same effect on your body as sugar.

- Eat lots of veggies and dark, leafy greens.

- Drink a ton of water.

- Limit dairy.

If you don't see a food category on this list, you probably shouldn't eat it.

A lot of nutritionists say that things like dairy and white rice are healthy.

That may be true.

But they make it VERY hard to get toned.

Good for health does not mean good for fat loss.

Of course, you want to eat in a healthy way that burns fat.

The guidelines above are simple, but they'll help you do that.

Of course, a kick-butt workout is going to help you multiply your results.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

See you in class!

Roberto Hanshi Serrano


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