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Fall Asleep Faster With This Easy Routine

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Fall Asleep Faster With This Easy Routine


Fall Asleep Faster With This Easy Routine

One of the secrets to my seemingly never-ending energy levels is the quality of sleep I get.  Even in the days of me sleeping only a few hours a night, I almost always got great quality sleep which really helped rejuvenate me for the next day.  

For strength, focus, and health - sleep is key. But too many of us have trouble with it. This routine will not only help you catch your Zs... it’ll also help you live in a more centered and balanced way.

1. Start early. Your restful night actually starts during the day. Try creating a “worry list” of things that might keep you awake later (like finished a work project or preparing for a trip). Include any ideas of how and when you plan to tackle each task.

2. Don’t Skip The Good Stuff. If you’re going to be writing down all your worries, don’t forget to address the greener grasses too. Once you’ve put away that worry list, and just before bed, write down a few things that made you happy, excited, or grateful during the day.

3. Seize the Hour. Be conscious of how you spend your last hour before hitting the hay. Use the time to do something relaxing--read, fold laundry, stretch, listen to music, whatever makes your heart slow down. Pick an activity that you can do night after night, so it can act as a signal to your body, over time, that it’s time to wind down. Don’t forget to turn off electronics and dim the lights.

4. Hit the Lights. Light levels can be a huge factor in what keeps you up at night. Get your room as dark as possible. Make sure your cellphone isn’t nearby lighting up with late night emails. If you have an alarm clock, go for something with a red digital display--our eyes are often less sensitive to red light because it is a much lower frequency of light than colors like yellow or green.

5. Make Your Bed. Reserve your bed for two things only--sleeping and sex. Once in your bed, do a relaxation exercise to shift your focus and decrease any lingering anxiety. Try counting up in threes!

Sleep well!

Hanshi Serrano

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