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MAA Belt Rank Graduations - SAT March 17, 2018

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MAA Belt Rank Graduations - SAT March 17, 2018

MAA Belt Graduation

SAT 03/17/2018

MAA Students earning their next belt ranks at Martial Arts America. Great job and Congratulations to everyone!!

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A little about Belt Rank Graduations here at Martial Arts America

Students show their progress in the art by the color of the belt they wear.  Each color belt is a step toward the goal of Black Belt and beyond.  Requirements for each belt differ by age group and experience level.  Student work on their curriculum in their classes with some practice encouraged in between.  Each month, progress checks are done during regular class times to make sure students are progressing as expected and to identify those students that may need some extra help. 

Rank requirements can also include additional personal goals set by the instructors, the students themselves as well as their parents and even academic teachers.  This ensures that students are demonstrating the proper character, respect, and discipline both inside and outside the martial arts school and working to be their best through attitude and effort at whatever they are involved.

Each rank accomplishment is very special and celebrated at each Belt Rank Graduation Ceremony.


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Hanshi Serrano



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