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Fitness Tip: The 4 Causes of Belly Fat....

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Fitness Tip: The 4 Causes of Belly Fat....

4 Causes of Belly Fat....

A lot of people in our Fitness Kickboxing program are looking to also slim down.

Here are 3 habits that'll get in your way, and make it almost impossible...

#1: Too much sugar

If you eat packaged, processed foods... there's probably a LOT more sugar in your diet than you realize.

Check out the nutrition facts and try to keep that number down as much as possible.

#2: Daily Dessert

A small, bite-sized dessert every day is okay (like a square from a chocolate bar).

But a large dessert every day has calories and ingredients that go straight to your belly.

#3: Lack of exercise.

Come to kickboxing or martial arts class more often.

Do your favorite workout more often.

Exercise every day!

#4: Daily Alcohol

Alcohol has way more calories and carbs than you might realize.

If you have a beer every day to wind down, try to cut back.

Pour half a beer into a glass instead.

Eventually, try to make alcohol something you only have once or so a week.

Having motivating people around you who are making good life choices makes all of this so much easier.

That's one powerful benefit of our MAA Fitness Kickboxing program.

You're surrounded by some of the most supportive, awesome people around ;-)

Grab our web special today and see for yourself:

Till next time,

Roberto Hanshi Serrano



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