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What We Prepare Our Students For

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What We Prepare Our Students For

We Don't Prepare Our Students For Something - We Help Them Prepare Themselves For Anything!


When teaching martial arts, we have an amazing opportunity to teach much more than just how to block a punch, score a point in a tournament or lose 15 lbs in a kickboxing class. We have the chance to help our students develop into the best version of themselves making them more powerful and capable individuals. Here are just a few examples of how it happens...


  • Helping them improve their SELF-ESTEEM, to face the challenges before them and value their worth as a person and not to just settle for less in life.
  • Helping them increase their SELF-DISCIPLINE, to stay on task and do the things they need to do to be successful, rather than just what they want for entertainment.
  • Helping them learn STRATEGY, to use their resources more efficiently and leverage their skills and knowledge rather than reacting or relying on others.
  • Helping them understand the importance of SELF-DEVELOPMENT, so they continue their personal growth to better understanding and knowledge.
  • Helping them develop LEADERSHIP SKILLS, so they inspire others to do the right things and be better as well, rather than just follow the crowd or current trends.
  • Helping them develop COURAGE, to face and overcome their fears which will lead to more successes.

Know that there are many more specific traits that we work on with our students, but I think you get the point.

By helping our students improve their personal weaknesses and giving them an appreciation for not only WHY they want to be more successful, but also HOW to do it, we are creating more powerful and capable individuals that will now have more choices open to them on their list of dreams and goals!

We do this with every student and at every age level. From the Little Ninjas and Dragons, 3-7 years old, where we help them get a headstart in learning proper behavior and learning participation which will certainly help them in school. To the Karate Kids & Teens that today have so many more opportunities than ever before and we help them maximize their ability to participate in the activities of their choice, rather than just what is left to them. And more importantly, help them better handle the negative influences and stresses they will certainly encounter.

As for the adults, our training helps them in much the same ways, as they simply face more complicated versions of the issues our children face. The difference is most adults know the difference. Almost every adult wants to become better versions of themselves; however, their biggest challenge is simply themselves - because they decide for themselves. I will leave it for a later post but suffice it to say for now that the lack of success in almost any adult's life is simply a result of their own doing - or lack thereof. Learning how to maximize your own potential as an adult is much easier with a mentor, someone that is trusted and has the best interests of their students as their priority. A great martial arts instructor will have had many years of education, training, and experience, not only in their particular martial art style but also in leadership training and personal development.

Bottom line, the same issues that keep a person from developing their physical skills are usually the same that hinder their success in the other areas of their life. Learn and hone that set of personal traits and you will be better prepared to face any challenge in your life!


Wishing you all the best!


Roberto Hanshi Serrano




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