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  • 3 Key Ingredients To A Happier More Fit You!

    3 Key Ingredients To A Happier More Fit You!

    Want to Know what the 3 Key Ingredients to a Happier More Fit YOU???

    There is no magic formula that is going to spontaneously give you the body you want. But there are daily alternatives that can make you smile when you stare into the mirror. Here is a look at three key components that can give you the body you want and deserve. Diet
    One of the keys to maintaining a successful diet is preparation. Everyday life is hectic as there is always unexpected twists and turns. Planning and preparing your meals ahead of time can maintain your diet when real life starts to turn your week upside down. Failing to prepare your diet in advance is pretty much a recipe for failure. Here is a ....

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  • Congratulations to each of our Belt Graduates!

    Congratulations to each of our Belt Graduates!

    Congratulations to each of our new rank graduates last weekend! Proud of each of you and the effort and commitment you demonstrated on your journey to your Black Belt and beyond! Changing the world one student at a time!! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GRADUATION VIDEO! ....

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  • Always Tired? Try These Tips Out to Boost Your Energy

    Always Tired? Try These Tips Out to Boost Your Energy

    Great article. The part that would surprise most is how exercise gives you energy. It does! Regular exercise boosts your metabolism and energy levels. Yes, at first you feel tired and worn out, but even after just a week or two, you will feel the difference. Our Martial Arts and Kickboxing classes will not only make you feel better, but look better too! Check out our website for some awesome trial specials to see for yourself! Check out our Trial Memberships to see for yourself! You can read the original article here: CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE ....

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  • 4 Causes of Belly Fat....

    4 Causes of Belly Fat....

    A lot of people in our Fitness Kickboxing program are looking to also slim down. Here are 3 habits that'll get in your way, and make it almost impossible... #1: Too much sugar If you eat packaged, processed foods... there's probably a LOT more sugar in your diet than you realize. Check out the nutrition facts and try to keep that number down as much as possible. #2: Daily Dessert A small, bite-sized dessert every day is okay (like a square from a chocolate bar). But a large dessert every day has calories and ingredients that go straight to your belly. #3: Lack of exercise. Come to kickboxing or martial arts class more often. Do your favorite workout more often. Exercise every ....

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  • Don't Believe These Three Supplement Myths

    Don't Believe These Three Supplement Myths

    If you could live a longer, healthier life by taking a small pill each day, you'd do it wouldn't you? You’d be crazy not to! With this fact in mind, the incredible growth of dietary supplements makes sense. It's estimated one out of every three Americans currently takes some sort of nutritional supplement each day. According to government statistics, more than $11 billion is spent each year on vitamins and minerals in the U.S. alone! This extreme interest in health and nutrition is, unfortunately, fueled by false advertisement. The Internet, television, and product labels make claims not backed by science, fooling millions and reaping a sizable paycheck. And in America, ....

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  • Hanshi Serrano winning Gold for Team USA at the Eskrima World Championships

    Hanshi Serrano winning Gold for Team USA at the Eskrima World Championships

    Found an old video of Roberto Hanshi Serrano winning a Gold Medal for Team USA in the 2006 Eskrima World Championships! CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
    Eskrima, one of the styles taught at Martial Arts America, is from the Philippines and utilizes rattan sticks as a training tool that translates it skills to edged weapons from daggers to swords. These skills allow students to better defend themselves against attackers with weapons. #HeCanStillDoThat #StickFighting #Eskrima #Kali #Arnis #Worlds #WorldChampionship #WorldChampion #GoldMedal #TeamUSA #WEKAF #ILoveMArtialArts #BlackBeltLifestyle #TeamMAA #MAA ....

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  • MAA Belt Graduations 03/16/2019

    MAA Belt Graduations 03/16/2019

    Congratulations to our MARCH 2019 Rank Graduates
    We held our Martial Arts America Belt Graduations on Saturday, March 16, 2019 where MAA students received their new Belt Ranks. What an exciting day of martial arts and accomplishments for these students which also included Black Belts. Check out the One Minute Slideshow Video by clicking here: https://youtu.be/UzTQMWSkQ9M Enjoy!! ....

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  • Adorable Leprechuan Kickboxer

    Adorable Leprechuan Kickboxer

    Check out the most adorable Leprechuan Kickboxer ever! Eloise is the daughter of MAA Instructor Team Member Sensei Purpus! CLICK HERE to check out the video here!

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  • Happy St/ Valentine's Day!

    Happy St/ Valentine's Day!

    Happy St. Patrick's Weekend! Take this opportunity to look at new opportunities to improve your life by getting involved in one of our Martial Arts or Kickboxing Programs. Whether ou have a child that needs confidence, discipline and self defense or and adult that wants to be able to defend yourself and be part of something fun to even someone that simply wants to finally get into the kind of shape you have always wanted to - we have something for you! Check out out discounted trial memberships that let you see first-hand just how fun and effective our classes really are! See you in class! Hanshi Serrano & The MAA Instructor Team ....

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